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Fighting Danger With Faith



Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  I'm so thrilled to announce the next book in my Smoky Mountain Secrets series is now available! Cooper's Choice is available as of August 3rd.  Also my contribution to the Alaska K-9 series Tracking Stolen Secrets is available too. 

Cooper's Choice


Will he choose family or love?           


As an artist Cooper Holland instantly notices the beautiful woman going into a church, for the second time in as many days. When a man dressed in black begins to follow her, he instinctively knows something is wrong. Soon, he discovers there are two men after the pretty lady, and is shocked when Mia claims they want to kill her.


The rules of witness protection prevent Mia Royce from confiding in Cooper, the attractive artist who has raced to her rescue. Unfortunately, her US Marshal contact isn’t answering her calls. Cooper has the street smarts to help her remain hidden so she reluctantly accepts his help. As the attacks against Mia grow more threatening, she isn’t sure how to keep Cooper safe from the men who now want to harm, him, too. Cooper claims he can protect himself, but Mia secretly knows there’s a lot at stake. She can’t ask Cooper to give up his life, despite the fact he’d already captured her heart. Can she?

Tracking Stolen Secrets 

With her K-9 partner's help, can they protect her infant niece? 


Positive her sister isn't involved in a theft ring as the police believe, State Trooper Helena Maddox and her K-9 partner Luna must find her twin before local cop Everett Brand does. But when the Niece Helena didn't know existed is left on Everett's doorstep, they all become targets. Now, working with Everett is Helena's only option to keep the baby safe and prove her sister's innocence.

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