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Lifeline Air Rescue - Falling in love while saving lives!

A Doctor's Promise
Dr. Jared O'Connor has given his parents a promise--to find his dead brother's fiancee and child. But his mission is derailed when he meets beautiful flight nurse Shelly Bennett. The sadness in her eyes, mirrors his own, and he is drawn to her and to her young son in a way he's never experienced before. 

Shelly can't afford to be distracted by Jared's attention. Her son's upcoming testing may confirm he has kidney failure--there's no room for anything else in her life. But when Jared uncovers the truth, she realizes her days of running from the past are over. But can she forgive Jared long enough to accept his love?
A Doctor's Secret
Struggling with the loss of his fiancée and best friend, Lifeline pilot Reese Jarvis keeps women at arm's length, until he meets Dr. Samantha Kearn. The intriguing redhead is not only beautiful and smart, but gentle with her patients. But it soon becomes clear Samantha has a concerning secret she’s unwilling to share.

Samantha wants to finish her Lifeline rotation and graduate as a physician, in that order. But her ex-husband won't let her go. Embarrassed that she'd married a control freak in the first place, Samantha tries to keep her problems to herself. But when her ex begins to escalate, she understands she is only putting the entire Lifeline crew in danger. Reese wants to be there for her, but getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she needs. Will Reese convince Samantha she deserves to live and love again?
A Doctor's Dilemma

Flight nurse Kate Lawrence has learned the hard way that laughter is the best medicine and no one needs a dose of fun more than the newest member of the flight team, Dr. Ethan Weber. The single father is too serious and intense, his stress level soaring higher than a Lifeline helicopter. The man needs to learn to lighten up, and fast for his sake, and his daughter’s.


Ethan’s young daughter, Carly is having trouble adjusting to her mother’s death. The little girl is going through nannies faster than he can hire them. He doesn’t agree with Kate, until he experiences the impact of her light hearted approach, first hand. But as he falls for Kate, he discovers she isn’t interested in a long term commitment. Can he convince her that laughter is the perfect match for love? 

A Doctor's Trust

Flight Doctor Zane Taylor is intrigued by the fiery and independent Jenna Reed. She’s not only beautiful but committed to making her community a safer place to live, and to sending her younger sister off to college. While he admires her strength and determination, he’s concerned with her refusal to live her own life.


Jenna knows Zane is way out of her league, he has no idea what it’s like to live from paycheck to paycheck, supporting her sister while living in the roughest part of the city. Yet, she can’t help being drawn to his strength and support. She has trouble believing in Zane’s growing feelings for her. Can she trust Zane not to break her heart? 

A Doctor's Reunion

Nine years had passed since Flight Nurse Kristin Page had been humiliated in front of her teenage crush, and she thought she’d successfully put the past behind her. Until she comes face to face with Dr. Holt Baxter. She’s horrified her old attraction hasn’t faded, but knows it’s best to keep him at a professional distance. As much as she wants to despise him, she finds Holt to be a great, down to earth physician, willing and eager to learn.

Holt Baxter knew his younger sister was out of line that day nine years ago, and has to live with the fact he didn’t come to Kristin’s defense. He longs for a second chance to make things right, but Kristin isn’t interested in a relationship. Or is she? As they work together saving lives, Holt hopes they may also work together toward a future. 

A Doctor's Christmas

When Lifeline Pilot Megan Hoffman finds herself pregnant with her ex-fiancé’s baby, she is determined to remain independent and to raise her child alone. Normally keeping her distance from the rotating residents, isn’t a problem, until she meets the very attractive and very serious Dr. Drake Thorton who discovers her secret.

Drake hasn’t recovered from losing his wife and unborn child shortly before Christmas, but when he realizes Megan is pregnant and the baby’s father out of the picture, he finds himself unable to stay away. Megan is not only beautiful but an amazing pilot especially in a crisis. He opens himself up to friendship, and leans on Megan for support after discovering the identity of his birth mother. Will Drake learn to celebrate Christmas and allow himself to fall in love, again?


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