From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Welcome to McNally Bay. - A small town with big secrets...

Does he deserve a second chance?

Vacationing in McNally Bay, Jesse McNally finds his old high school crush Carla Templeton, more beautiful than ever. But watching Carla’s eight-year-old daughter Cassandra, who shares some of his siblings’ mannerisms, he’s shocked to discover he’s the girl’s father. Stunned, he has little choice but to make up for the time he’d lost with his daughter and the woman he once loved. Even the attacks against him, from some unknown foe, can’t change his mind.

Carla hadn’t kept Cassie a secret on purpose, but there was no point in denying the truth. Jesse has made it clear he’s here to stay. And when the danger around Jesse spreads to her and her daughter, Carla is thankful for Jesse’s strength and protection. But can she trust Jesse not to break her heart a second time?

To Honor

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