From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Welcome to McNally Bay - A small town with big secrets...

Can he learn to love again?

Deputy Trina Waldorf has a mission: To eradicate drugs from the small town of McNally Bay. Her brother had died of an overdose years ago, and she is determined to honor Steven’s memory. Unfortunately, the brains behind the mobile meth lab is always one step ahead of her. When Jeremy McNally arrives in town, he offers to assist with her mission, and ends up healing her guilt over the past.

After being hit by a drunk driver, Jeremy McNally is forced to give up his career as a trauma surgeon. So when he arrives in McNally Bay behind a car careening all over the road, he doesn’t hesitate to call the authorities. He’s shocked when his former buddy’s younger sister, Trina Waldorf arrives to arrest the driver. Attraction flares between them, but Trina isn’t interested in a relationship, unwilling allow anything to derail her mission. As danger escalates, Jeremy grimly realizes he’d risk his life to save hers. Can he convince Trina to believe in a future that includes the two of them, together?

To Believe

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