From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Risking their hearts and their lives while protecting the innocent…

Will he find the assailant before it’s too late? 

Former Navy SEAL Kaleb Tyson follows Charlotte Cambridge to the shelter for abused women and children to obtain information on Ava Rampart, their teammate’s missing sister. Before he can do anything, a gunman opens fire on the front door. After the gunman slips away, Kaleb is left with little choice but to stick close to provide security for the women and children living there. Not that he doesn’t think Charlotte Cambridge, a gun-toting pixie, couldn’t handle herself because she made it clear she could.

It has been years since Charlotte trusted a man to protect her, so there is no way she is going to let Kaleb Tyson inside the shelter. But when Kaleb and Sierra, his black lab, are still standing guard outside the following morning, she’s forced to reconsider. As the gunman keeps coming after them, it’s clear trusting Kaleb is necessary to survive. Kaleb is the most honorable man she’s ever known. Making her yearn for something she cannot have—a family of her own.

Sealed with Honor

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