From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Falling in love while saving lives!

Haunted by her past...

Struggling with the loss of his fiancée and best friend, Lifeline pilot Reese Jarvis keeps women at arm's length, until he meets Dr. Samantha Kearn. The intriguing redhead is not only beautiful and smart, but gentle with her patients. But it soon becomes clear Samantha has a concerning secret she’s unwilling to share.

Samantha wants to finish up her Lifeline rotation and graduate as a physician, in that order. But her ex-husband won't let her go. Embarrassed that she'd married him in the first place, Samantha tries to keep her problems to herself. But when her ex begins to escalate, she understands she is only putting the entire Lifeline crew in danger. Reese becomes her lifeline, her support, but getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she needs. Will Reese convince Samantha to love again?

A Doctor's Secret

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