From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Falling in love while saving lives!

A mother for his daughter?

Flight nurse Kate Lawrence has learned the hard way that laughter is the best medicine and no one needs a dose of fun more than the newest member of the flight team, Dr. Ethan Weber. The single father is too serious and intense, his stress level soaring higher than a Lifeline helicopter. The man needs to learn to lighten up, for his sake, and his daughter's.

Ethan’s young daughter, Carly is having trouble adjusting to her mother’s death. The little girl is going through nannies faster than he can hire them. He doesn’t agree with Kate, until he experiences the impact of her light hearted approach, first hand. But as he falls for Kate, he discovers she isn’t interested in a long term commitment. Can he convince her that laughter is the perfect match for love?

A Doctor's Dilemma

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