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Welcome to McNally Bay - A small town with big secrets...

To Love
Desperate for a fresh start, Jazz McNally pours her energy into renovating her grandparent's mansion overlooking Lake Michigan. Her goal is to turn the cherished childhood home into a bed and breakfast she'd manage with her twin sister. Jazz doesn't mind the hard work, until vandals strike. She needs help fast or risk missing the date of their grand opening and being in debt to her four older brothers.

Drifter Dalton O'Brien doesn't mind giving Jazz a hand, knowing once the job was complete he'd be on his way. But he enjoys spending time with her, more than he should. When vandalism escalates into danger, Dalton is determined to keep Jazz safe. Can he let go of the ghosts in his past long enough to embrace the future?

To Cherish

After crossing two state lines to escape her abusive ex-husband, Jemma McNally is thrilled to co-manage the McNally B&B with her twin sister, Jazz. When she realizes she's being stalked, she has no choice but to reach out to Deputy Garth Lewis for help.

Refusing to repeat the mistakes of his past, Garth tries to avoid getting emotionally involved with Jemma and her young son, Trey. But as danger escalates, he soon realizes he would gladly give up his life and his heart to save them.

To Laugh
Surgical Nurse Izabella Collins decides to use her ten day paid leave from her position as a mini-vacation. The McNally B&B seemed a good place to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. But when strange things begin happening around her, she soon realizes that the problems she'd left behind, may have followed her to McNally Bay.

Wounded warrior, Jonas McNally regrets his decision to return to McNally Bay the moment he steps into his twin sister's B&B. He decides he'll stay for Jazz's wedding, then split, taking his bad mood with him. But the lure of Jemma's cooking, and the pretty, yet feisty B&B guest Bella Collins, has him reconsidering his plans. Upon discovering Bella is in danger, he needs to prove to himself that he can be the one to protect her. And maybe the man to love her.

To Honor

Vacationing in McNally Bay, Jesse McNally finds his old high school crush Carla Templeton, more beautiful than ever. But watching Carla’s eight-year-old daughter Cassandra, who shares some of his siblings’ mannerisms, he’s shocked to discover he’s the girl’s father. Stunned, he has little choice but to make up for the time he’d lost with his daughter and the woman he once loved. Even the attacks against him, from some unknown foe, can’t change his mind.

Carla hadn’t kept Cassie a secret on purpose, but there was no point in denying the truth. Jesse has made it clear he’s here to stay. And when the danger around Jesse spreads to her and her daughter, Carla is thankful for Jesse’s strength and protection. But can she trust Jesse not to break her heart a second time?

To Believe
Deputy Trina Waldorf has a mission: To eradicate drugs from the small town of McNally Bay. Her brother had died of an overdose years ago, and she is determined to honor Steven’s memory. Unfortunately, the brains behind the mobile meth lab is always one step ahead of her. When Jeremy McNally arrives in town, he offers to assist with her mission, and ends up healing her guilt over the past.
After being hit by a drunk driver, Jeremy McNally is forced to give up his career as a trauma surgeon. So when he arrives in McNally Bay behind a car careening all over the road, he doesn’t hesitate to call the authorities. He’s shocked when his former buddy’s younger sister, Trina Waldorf arrives to arrest the driver. Attraction flares between them, but Trina isn’t interested in a relationship, unwilling allow anything to derail her mission. As danger escalates, Jeremy grimly realizes he’d risk his life to save hers. Can he convince Trina to believe in a future that includes the two of them, toget

To Promise
Brianna Murphy’s surprise visit to McNally Bay had backfired in a big way. Instead of closing the gap between her and Jake McNally, the gulf between them had widened. She’s anxious to fly home to Ireland, but when Jemma injures her wrist and can’t cook for the B&B, Bree agrees to stay and help. When Jake decides to stick around, and asks for a second chance, she reluctantly agrees, despite knowing they both want different things out of life. 

Jake had avoided McNally Bay for twelve years, returning only to escort his younger sister, Jemma down the aisle for her wedding. Everyone loved the quaint small town, but he knew McNally Bay had a dark underbelly and couldn’t wait to leave, until a surprise visit from his former girlfriend, Brianna Murphy derails his plans. Jake soon realizes the secrets he’d avoided for all these years, have shot to the present. And worse, they threatened his family—including Bree. Jake begins to understand the only way to move forward with his life is to solve the mysteries of his past. Will the footloose McNally find the place he belongs, with Bree?
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