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Fighting Danger With Faith



Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  My very first Amish suspense is available now! I hope you like Shauna and Liam's story in Hiding in Plain Sight. I'm so thankful for all my readers who have supported my new Called to Protect series.  Are you ready for the next book in the series? Sealed with Valor  will be available September 6th. And Sealed with a Christmas Promise will be available Nov. 1st. You can purchase these early by going to the shop tab.

Hiding in Plain Sight


Seeking refuge in Amish country…
in order to stay alive

Fleeing to her uncle’s home is Shauna McKay’s only option after her mother’s brutally murdered and the killer’s sights set on her. Local sheriff Liam Harland’s convinced hiding Shauna in his cousin’s Amish community will shield her. But when an Amish woman who looks like Shauna is attacked, it’s clear nobody in this peaceful community is safe…unless Liam and Shauna can stop the culprit’s murderous plan.




Sealed with Valor


Pregnant and on the run!

Nico Ramirez has been searching for his teammate’s younger sister, Ava Rampart, for months. When he finally finds her, he’s stunned to discover she’s eight months pregnant. Her baby raises the stakes, and Nico knows he must protect them both from Simon, the man ruthlessly hunting Ava. When he realizes Simon has kidnapped Ava from the hospital, he needs the entire SEAL team to get her back. 

Ava is hiding a terrible secret, one that has kept her running from Simon and from the police. She’s grateful for Nico’s determination to keep her safe, but when she suffers pregnancy complications, there is more than Simon to worry about. If she’s not careful, her baby could be born prematurely and may not survive. Resting while on the run proves impossible. Ava places her faith in God and in Nico. She doesn’t doubt Nico’s ability to protect her, but she may have underestimated the threat he poses to her heart.

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